How B2B founders can create an irresistible offer to land enterprise accounts

Friday, December 08, 2023

An irresistible offer can be the difference between a startup that scales to millions in revenue per year or a company that goes under from running out of money. If there was one key skill that a b2B founder can learn how to do its create offers that executives can’t say no to.

The first big difference from selling to businesses compared to consumers is how decisions are made.

Consumers buy on emotions and justify on logic. Large Businesses where it might or might not be the founder or the owner making buying decisions buy on logic and justify on emotion.

Here is what I mean: consumers make impulse buys, they see something they think about their family, friends, etc and how it will make them feel.

When you’re at the highest level of sales which is selling to large established companies the sales cycle is much longer and they are more methodical in buying decisions.

So and you have to understand that an executive that is underwriting or evaluating a purchase decision doesn’t want to get fired or look stupid in front of their team. They want to minimize the risk and maximize their reward. Basically they want to avoid getting fired and get promoted. Also this is why traditionally why sales cycles can be so long for enterprise sales.

So how do we craft an irresistible offer for your company that can speed up the sales cycle.

Here’s the story with my last company Order Solutions. And what I did was knowing that I need to craft an offer where if it doesn’t work they don’t loose anything and if does work they become the hero that gets the credit within their company. Does that make sense? So the way I did that was give a free pilot of my call center service for 60 days as a proof of concept on a small scale so that it would eliminate the risk for them and show them the potential upside at scale if they rolled out our service nationally.

This is what Jay Abraham used to call risk reversal except when selling to big companies its amazing because the revenue on that client and the lifetime value of that client could be millions of dollars.

If if costs you $20K to acquire a client that pays you $200K per year and they last 3 years isn’t that a good ROI for you? If you spend $20K and it pays you $2M per year and they last for 3 years you generate $6M in revenue on a $20K investment.

You see that's exactly what we did and we kept it a secret for many years as we gained market share. Our competitors that were more established didn’t know why we were losing to them and racking up millions in revenue.

Do you see the power in this? Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how you can craft a free pilot to get big client in the door for your business.

This really only boils down to two things: customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value. What would it cost you to do a pilot to prove your value and eliminate the risk. And what is the upside if you land them as a client.

To give you some ideas on how to frame a result I like to use this framework in my head. How to get X results without Y which is the pain. Here are a couple examples. How to increase your revenue without spending more on advertising or How to make your employees happier and save 50% on costs without downsizing.

For us at Order Solutions it was here’s how we can increase millions in revenue, make your employees happier while improving your guest experience And they got a taste of that by us offering them a free pilot.

I have a cheatsheet I put together on this that I’m happy to send over to you totally free. Just click on the link in my bio or below this page and I’ll shoot over a scorecard that breaks this process down step by step.

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