How Enterprise Sales Works For Startups

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Here’s why I like to sell to the enterprise rather than selling to small local businesses. to large businesses instead of small businesses.

A lot of startups initially focus on selling to small businesses but I actually think selling to big companies is a better strategy.

I learned this from my experience starting my company Order Solutions where in the early days we started out marketing to small local restaurant owners. It was very frustrating hard, hard to on-board, and the revenue was pretty small. Then we realized we could sell the same thing to large corporate chains with hundreds or thousand of store and our revenue skyrocketed and we generated over $3M in revenue in our first year in business. We would have needed 1,000’s of small mom an pop customer to get to the same revenue as just two enterprise customers brought us.

I’d love to share with you the strategies that we used and that you can use to start marketing to enterprise companies.

Step 1: Pick a Vertical Or A Niche. For each campaign you want to focus on specializing in a niche or vertica.

Step 2: Make a list of 100 target accounts within that niche or vertical that if you could land them it would be worth it.

Step 3: Now once you know exactly marketing to write down a list of the roles that would have an interest in what you’re selling. So this could be a VP, CxO, founder.

Step 4: Create a messaging matrix for each role in that niche or vertical. The message should position your solution as a bridge to a problem they face in that role and aligns with their priorities and goals.

Step 5: Build out automation sequences in Apollo and Dux Soup to automate your outreach.

Step 6: Track your response rates and see who is responding

Step 7: For the people who respond set up a phone call with them and learn more about their problems and position your product or service as a bridge to solving their problems

Step 8: Give them an offer that eliminates the risk to try your product or service, this could be a free trial, free pilot, or a money day back guarantee.

Step 9: Iterate and tweak your messaging based on what is resonating with prospects

So there you go. I also have made a cheatsheet I put together on this that I’m happy to send over to you totally free.

Just click on the link in my bio or below this page and I’ll shoot over a cheat sheet that breaks this process down step by step.

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