How Often To Follow Up With Leads & What To Say

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Do your leads ever go cold? The fortune is in the follow up

When you're out there trying to land an intro meeting with a prospect, you have to be proactive and not just persistent, but strategic about it.

When I first started my company Order Solutions and I was doing all of the sales myself in the early days and had to figure out a way to book meetings with prospects and through trial and error these were the 7 steps that helped me book more meetings and generate more revenue predictably and consistently.

Here's the process that worked for me that you can use in your business right now

Step 1: Stay On Their Radar.

Every 3 days, whether it's LinkedIn, email, or the phone, reach out. It's about showing them that you’ve done your homework and that you can solve a problem for them. You can set reminders in your CRM or use a software like to automate your follow ups

Step 2: Hit Different Angles.

Don't say the same message over and over again. Instead, offer different points of value about your product or service and tailor it for their specific role and industry.

For example, if I was targeting a restaurant CEO, one message might talk about saving money on labor costs. The next follow up message might be about ways to increase their revenue.

You're throwing out different hooks, seeing which bait they’ll bite on.

And this sounds simple but most salespeople don’t do this. And you need pay really close attention to when you get a positive response from an email or LinkedIn message because this gives you a clue on how to pitch your product or service when you actually have your meeting and get on the phone with them because of your message didn’t resonate they wouldn’t have responded.

Step 3: Do Your Research.

To find the right hook, research them. Check out their website, LinkedIn activity, even read their earnings call transcripts if they're public. Find that golden nugget, something they've mentioned or shown interest in, and link it back to your solution.

Step 4: Persistence is Key.

If they’re not biting, don’t give up. Remember, fortune favors the persistent. It's rare they'll bite on the first message; sometimes it takes a handful of attempts or even more. It took me 50 emails to a major restaurant chain to land them and that persistence led to a $3M per year account.

Step 5: Leverage Automation.

Clone yourself through automation. I've found using tools like for emails and Dux Soup for LinkedIn messages saves me a ton of time, allowing me to gain leverage and increase my volume.

Step 6: Reply To Their Last Message.

Here's a tip that's been golden for me: If you're in a conversation with a prospect and you've been exchanging emails, instead of piling on with more messages, just hit reply to their last message. This simple trick stops you from appearing desperate and grabs their attention.

Step 7: Try Texting.

I've realized I get a way better response rate from text messages than emails. Why? Execs get tons of emails. Texts? Not so much. It stands out.


Using these strategies you can build a huge top of funnel and it will help you increase your revenue and make a bigger impact. If you want more help implementing this. I have a free guide that goes deeper into these strategies. You can free instant access by clicking the link below

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