How Startup Founders Can Land Their First Few Clients Through Networking

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Want to learn how to build a network fast that can introduce you potential clients?

Or how would you like to learn how to build a network of potential clients or partners without having to attend networking events or conferences?

Let me show you how. But first understand this

Let’s dive in and talk about it. In the very early days of a startup you don’t want to spray and prey cold emails in the beginning. You’ll get very low response rates if you have no case studies, testimonials, or logos on your sit. The first thing a potential customer is going to do is go to google and company look at your website and see how credible the company is and if you’re just starting a startup you’re not going to have much.

So what we did and what other early stage startups do is leverage your personal network. So this is why a lot of companies join Y combinator, EO, YPO, and others to help develop a network. So for example Brex which is a multi billion dollar startup now leveraged being in Y Combinator and sold to YC batch companies as well as other YC batch companies.

Now what you can also do is lets say if you had a job or worked at a company do you have any relationships with customers from working at your prior company.

You can have former colleges introduce you to customers. You can get someone to be advisors, investors, mentors make intros for you so you warm leads in the early days.

Now let’s say you don’t have that luxury. You have no network, you’re not in YC, you’re not in any organizations. Here’s how you can build a network from your house.

I’m going to give an example. Let’s say you’re not In YC but you want to sell to YC companies. This is just one example. You could do this with anything.

Step 1: Decide on who you want to network with? Is this startups founders? Is this executives enterprises? What industry is this? So for an example let's say you want to sell to startups and so you find the YC batch list off their site.

Step 2: Then you go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and create a targeted list of all of those YC Founders that you want to connect with. .

Step 3: You go through the populated list and click save for every lead you want to add to your list in LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Step 4: Come up with a personalized note to connect with them. A personalized note is a huge hack to increase your connection rate on LinkedIn because it’s showing that you’ve done your research on them and makes you look human. So if you’re targeting YC companies you could say something like, Hey First Name, Very impressed with your background in the XYZ space. Saw you’re in YC. I’m working on an XYZ startup. Would love to connect and chat with you.

Step 6: Then click on each profile to view them and send them the personalized note. I’d do 100 of these per day so you can build 30-40 new connections per day.

Step 7. Now after they become a connection you can send a follow message saying. Would love to chat about what your availability looks like next week?

And there you go now you’re now networking without leaving your house or office and filling up your calendar with potential contacts that can become new customers, partners, or employees for you.

I put together a cheat sheet that you can grab by clicking on the link in my bio or below this page. It’s free. Go grab it. And if you found this helpful please like it and share it so I’ll send you other tips on how to get traction and scale your business.

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