How To Align Your Solution with Customer Needs

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some salespeople consistently crush their numbers and get promoted while others struggle to even get prospects on the phone?

The secret often lies not in the number of sales calls they make, but in their ability to align their solutions precisely with customer needs.

If you’re selling to businesses, mastering this skill can be a game-changer for you.

In this video I’ll walk you through some practical strategies to understand, communicate, and align your offerings effectively with your client's requirements.

Step 1: You Need to first Understand Your Customer:

You do this by learning about the Industry. Start reading trade publications, news on the industry, read about their competitors, read quarterly reports on your dream accounts, listen to podcasts with the CEO’s of your dream customers.

Also learn who the decision markers in your space. What role are they what problems are they looking to solve? What pain points do they face in their day to day jobs that your solution can solve.

Step 2: Learn How Communicate Your Solution

You can do this by first using active listening to pick up on what the customer is saying and what their not saying. What language are they using, what problems are they saying, what KPI’s do they want to improve? What is their goal for their department and their organization?

To get these answers you need to ask insightful questions. Ask open-ended questions that encourage customers to discuss their challenges and goals.

Step 3: Tailoring Your Solutions

You need to tailor your solutions to their unmet needs by customizing your solution. Leverage the information you've gathered to personalize your solutions, showing how they address specific client challenges.

Beyond that you want to sell a solution and sell the value not a product or service.

Talk about the value your solution brings to their business, rather than just the features of your product.

Your customers want a business outcome or a result they don’t really care about.

Step 4: Build Trust

You build trust by fulfilling your promises. If you say you can do something for them you better execute on it. I learned this from the CEO of Service Now Bill Mcdermott and he says that is the key to building long term client relationships. Fulfilling on your promise no matter what.

You can also build trust by being consistent and reliable. Follow up and show your expertise by sharing recommendations, insights, and knowledge of your solution and how it applies to the customer’s industry.

Step 5: Educate the Customer

I don’t like the term sales person. I like the term solutions consultant. You need to come from the form of a consultant providing recommendations, insights, and educating your prospect to position yourself as an advisor with extensive industry knowledge, not just a salesperson.

You can do this by educating them on industry trends. Sharing success stories of customers like then. Providing the business case and explaining the ROI.

Step 6: Adaptability:

As the economy and market changes you need to be able to stay flexible. You want to be prepared to tweak or change your approach based on customer feedback and the changes in the market.

You do this by talking to customers and staying up to date on your industry.

Step 7: Use Feedback

You want to get feedback from your peers, customers, and what else do clients want.

Aligning solutions with customer needs in B2B sales is not just a skill, but an art form that takes time to develop. It requires empathy, flexibility, and a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation.

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