How To Build A Solid LinkedIn Profile

Friday, December 08, 2023

In B2B businesses your LinkedIn profile is becoming almost important as your website. LinkedIn is growing so fast is now becoming the central hub that people view to check you. If you’re applying for a job people are no longer looking at your resumes anymore. If you’re looking at someones bio. Their looking at your LinkedIn. So without having a credible and polished LinkedIn profile, winning clients, investors, strategic partners, and persuading anyone to take any action can become very difficult.

In this video I’m going to break down how you can build a credible LinkedIn profile fast.

Step 1: The Profile Picture

You need to have a professional picture. I recommend getting a professional headshot done and wearing something professional like a suit jacket.

Step 2: The Banner Picture

The banner picture should be either something neutral like a city background or something related to your company. Ideally something that promotes your company with either your tagline or website link.

Step 3: The headline

If you have a job or you’re a business owner plug in your title. Some people say to put things like. Helping X do Y or things like that. I think that makes you look small and it’s better to be clear and just put your title in.

Step 4: The about section

This is where you want to build credibility and explain what you’ve been able to accomplish throughout your career. What skills do you have and what results have you been able to achieve for your companies or the companies you’re working for.

Step 5: Your Featured Section

This is where you can add any articles you've written. Links to your company website. This is a great place to put news features, examples of work that you’ve done, or highlight any awards you’ve won.

Step 6: Your Experience Section

This is where you want to list off every role that you’ve had and the results you achieved for each organization you worked for

Step 7: Your Education

Plug in where you went to school and what you studied

Step 8: Skills section

This is where you plug in your skills

Step 9: Recommendations Here’s a pro tip you want to

give recommendations to get recommendations. Trade recommendations with clients, co-workers, colleagues, and friends. This can help establish your credibility as well There you have it

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