How To Create A Sales Deck For Your B2B Startup

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Do you want to know how to grab the attention of big clients fast? Have you ever heard of the saying don't judge a book by its cover? Well in enterprise sales everyone judges the book by it's cover and in enterprise sales it's not your book its your sales deck.

Your sales decks is the secret weapon to establishing your credibility, positioning yourself as an authority, and being taken seriously from large companies.

In this video I'm going to walk you step by step on how to create a deck that sells and that will help you win more meetings and win more deals with big companies.

When I founded Order Solutions a few years ago, I knew very little about enterprise sales but through trial and error and being a student of the game I learned how to create decks that our prospects could easily understand and position our offer as a no-brainer.

This sales deck strategy is responsible for helping us grow from a company that I started out of my apartment to generating over $200 million in off premise orders and going from 0-250 employees in just 24 months –and while bootstrapping profitably and without raising a dime of venture capital

Here’s each slide and the strategy behind it.

Slide 1: Who We Are:

Begin by building credibility. What’s your mission, why do you exist, who do you work with, and what’s your founding story.

Slide 2: Leadership Team:

People resonate with faces, plug in the key members of your team, their job titles, and make sure that everyone has a professional headshot done so your whole team looks professional.

Slide 3: Problem Statement:

Explain the problem you solve in super simple terms.

Slide 4: Why Solve This Now:

This is where you amplify the pain and educate them on the cost of not solving the problem.

Slide 5: Industry Insights:

This is where you share stats that will blow their mind and make them realize they need to prioritize solving this problem

and here is a pro tip if your solution can be positioned as found money whether its cost savings or a revenue increase that is gold and you need to highlight that.

This is how you move your product or service on the top of executives priority list.

Slide 6: How It Works:

Explain your solution as if you were explaining it to a newbie. Doesn’t matter if you’re selling to a CEO of a Fortune 100. Simplicity sells. And remember this a confused mind never buys.

Slide 7: Your Business Case Slide:

B2B it’s all about ROI. ROI trumps everything. It’s not about emotion its about ROI. The more ROI the more they’re willing to spend. Budget is a myth if the ROI is there. Make the business case very simple.

Slide 8: Your Differentiators:

Beat them to the punch and handle it before it becomes an objection. Answer the 'Why you?' question going on in their heads. How do you stand apart from competitors? This might be your delivery method, pricing, or even your onboarding process.

Slide 9: Case Studies:

Your case studies are the most powerful marketing material you have. Nothing beats showing executives than what you’ve been able to do for companies like them. Want to create real FOMO? This is how.

Slide 10: Onboarding Process:

A huge mistake people make is creating resistance to using your solutions by making it seem complicated. Make it simple, hold their hand,make it super easy.

Slide 11: Your Irresistible Offer:

Give them an offer so good that they’d feel stupid saying no. Even though they are big companies and have deep pockets, don't think that big companies wouldn’t love an irresistible offer. Offer a Free POC, proof of concept or small-scale pilot. Make it a low-risk with no risk with huge upside potential.

This strategy changed my life and hopefully it will for you too. If you want more help on how to create presentations and decks that sell. I have a free resource for you.

I have a free cheat sheet to help you do this way faster. You can grab it for free by just clicking the link below.

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