How To Find Your Blue Ocean Niche

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Are you struggling to find your niche or are customers viewing your product or service as a commodity? In this video I’ll share how to reposition your offer and help you find your blue ocean niche. used to have a company called LiveVoice that sold call center services to every company I could. There was no specialization at all. We would target small businesses that could be doctors offices, real estate agents and it was a total grind to get customers. Then what I realized was that the riches are in the niches and that we could find one vertical or industry that needed call centers that “didn't realize” they needed a call center and brand positioning as a specialist for them that way we didn’t have to compete against a million of other call centers. Tha’s when I decided to do an exercise to help me come up with ideas. I wrote down who needs a call center or who could use a call center to solve a problem that isn’t using one today. What industries? What functions? I then wrote down a bunch of ideas like room service ordering, patient scheduling for hospitals, reservations for hotels, drive thru orders for restaurants, take out orders for restaurants, plumbing appointment scheduling. Then what I did is sent personalized emails testing these ideas to fake “specialized” companies to see if there was demand for those specialized services. I tested all of those ideas and saw a huge response rate for streamlining restaurant phone orders. I had no idea or experience in any of these niches. But when I started having CEO’s of major restaurant chains wanting to talk to me I knew there was demand without spending any money on anything. That’s when I started a new company called Order Solutions that streamlined phone orders. Fast forward we generated millions in profits and were 5 years later had an exit to DoorDash. So what did i really do here. Step 1: Make a list of verticals, niches, or industries that could benefit from your skills, services, or products. Step 2: Make a list of fictional products or services that could be repositioned as specialists offers to solve a problem in those verticals or industries. Step 3: Come up with a marketing message for that special offer and reach out to prospects on LinkedIn or email Step 4: Analyze your response rates and see which niche had the highest interest and response rate. You can also do this to help your company expand over time to new niches or new markets. Hopefully you found this valuable. I put together a cheat sheet that you can grab by clicking on the link in my bio or below this page. It’s free. Go grab it. And if you found this helpful please like it and share it so I’ll send you other tips on how to get traction and scale your business.

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