How To Give Enterprise Customers A First-Class Customer Experience

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Have you ever wondered why companies like American Express can afford to provide lavish free benefits to their customers?

It’s because of the annual fees they receive, leading to substantial profits.

Now, imagine if you could use the same idea for your own business.

Your clients are kind of like your premium cardholders.

They don't just want the basics; they crave a first-class experience from the moment they sign all the way until the renewal. But, most businesses drop the ball, especially during the onboarding process.

Picture a world where every interaction with your client feels like a first-class airline experience. They don't just feel they're getting a service; they feel they've joined an exclusive club. That's the gold standard of client experience.

From founding my own company Order Solutions I learned that just delivering our service wasn't enough. From onboarding to renewal, each interaction needed that 'wow' factor.

Here’s 7 steps you can use to improve your client experience that will not only help you retain and keep your clients but set up you up to expand them and sell them other products and services.

Step 1: Identify Bottlenecks: Dive deep into your onboarding process. What's causing delays or friction?

Step 2: Creative Problem Solving: Gather your team, examine your client journey, and brainstorm ways to simplify the startup process for your clients.

Step 3: Elevate the Experience: Go beyond the usual. Why not surprise them with a gift? Or provide insights that extend beyond your primary service?

Step 4: Build Personal Relationships: Don't keep it formal. Have a dinner with them, understand their interests, show you genuinely care.

Step 5: Offer Tailored Insights: Don't send the same report to everyone. Customize your data to their specific needs.

Step 6: Be Their Trusted Advisor: Anticipate challenges. Present solutions even before problems emerge.

Step 7: Increase The Value: Don’t remain static. Organize QBRs. Also, share what you're working on, be it new products, services, or partnerships, always focusing on the added value for them.

If you implement these 7 steps not only will you build a stronger client relationship and wow your customers, but you’ll also be in a position to expand your customers and up-sell and cross-sell new solutions in the future.

If you want more help on how to create a WOW client experience, I’ve got a free resource that can help you. To get it, just click the link below or in my bio, and you’ll get instant access.

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