How To Hold Your Team Accountable Without Constant Emails and Meetings

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Have you Ever felt buried under a huge pile of emails? Or just drained by endless back to back meetings feeling like you’re working hard but not making any real progress? I've been there, and it's not just exhausting - it's paralyzing.

A few years ago my company Order Solutions really started growing and even thought my title may have been 'CEO', but my daily role felt more like a 'firefighter'. What got my company to grow in the first place was now gone. I no longer had time to strategize or build relationships with potential clients. It was spent firefighting, responding to emails and in back to back meetings. Things were falling apart and I was worried everything was going to crash and burn.. Failure wasn’t an option. But neither was this relentless grind.

In one of those rare quiet moments, clarity hit me: What if my team could operate me without me having to be involved in everything? What if everyone was so clear on their role that I didn’t need to be in the middle of every little thing? What if I could stop micromanaging and set up a system that would free me up to do what I was actually good at, which is what was winning big clients and strategizing on how go to market.

Here's what I did (and how you can replicate it in your business):

Set Clear Goals: Outline the major objectives for the quarter. Visualize your destination.

Define Roles: Everyone should know their pivotal tasks and the key metrics by which they’ll be evaluated.

The Team Action List: Here’s the game-changer. A shared Google Doc that acts like a real-time scoreboard, showing tasks, deadlines, and progress.

Streamline Updates: Just two meetings – a focused weekly 1 on 1, and one comprehensive all-hands meeting. Cut the fluff, stick to the essence.

Purposeful Meetings: Instead of getting bogged down in details, use your meetings to solve real problems and strategize for growth.

Implement this and watch your productivity soar, freeing you up to ideate and innovate. If you’re keen on diving deeper, grab my cheatsheet that lays out this blueprint. Click below to get it for free and start leading with renewed clarity and confidence.

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