How To Personalize Your Outreach At Scale

Saturday, December 09, 2023

If you’re a B2B Founder, business owner, or go to market leader, here is a strategy that you use to help you get more clients. II used this same strategy to bootstrap my company and generate millions of dollars in revenue without hiring salespeople.

Now this will only work if you have a sales or marketing message that you know will resonate. So assuming you have a couple of clients already that are paying and happy this should work for you.

Step 1.) Go on Upwork and post a job for a virtual assistant. Now in this job posting you want to say you’re looking for help with prospecting on linkedin and cold email. I highly recommend finding someone from the Philippines as the talent there is incredible and it will save you a ton of money.

Step 2.) Click on the filters and select a top rated freelancer so you can focus on inviting freelancers with only good reviews.

Step 3.) Write out in a google doc step by step what you want them to do. You can use loom video and show them click by click in a 5 minute video

Step 4.) Interview at least 3 freelancers and hire the best one.

Step 5.) Give them access to your LinkedIn profile or email and do a test project having them follow your instructions.

Step 6.) Now you have someone cloning your prospecting activities and you can get sales calls tee’d up for you while you focus on higher value work.

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I also have made a cheatsheet I put together on this that I’m happy to send over to you totally free.

Just click on the link in my bio or below this page and I’ll shoot over a cheat sheet that breaks this process down step by step.

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