How To Recruit Rainmakers That Can Bring In Enterprise Sales

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Do you want to land big enterprise deals and iconic logos for your business?

The secret for you could be in recruiting sales leaders who already have relationships with your dream clients.

But you’re probably wondering how to recruit them and why would they would choose your company?

Heres’ how.

Instead of the same old traditional employment package, imagine offering them an entrepreneurial opportunity without the typical risks of starting a business from scratch.

Now what I’m about to tell you really is not for startups without funding or small businesses struggling with profitability.

This is really for existing businesses that are looking to rapidly expand their revenue and want to reinvest their earnings into growth.

Step 1: Create A Rev-share Agreement:

Offer them a base salary combined with a profit-sharing or a revenue-share agreement.

The lion's share should be through their rev share agreement compared to their base. This can make them feel like they're running their own business within your company which should get them really excited.

Step 2: Find Your Recruits

You’ll want to make a list of major competitors in your niche. These should be very successful companies that you admire and look up to. Not companies who are doing less revenue than you.

These should be medium to large companies and ideally whose who have verticaled sales team. Because that way they will understand your target industry and have relationships in your space.

Now I recommend using Sales Navigator and look at either the current sales leaders or former sales leaders of your direct and in direct competitors. So what do I mean? I mean who is the VP of Sales or Director of Sales at each one of your competitors. Who used to be the VP of Sales or Director of Sales at you competitors. You can use LinkedIn’s filter settings to find these. Also when you’re building out your competitor list. Make a list of indirect competitors meaning companies that sell into your dream client switch a non competitive product. For example, for my last company we’d sell into really large restaurant chains. I would go in and look for salespeople from a large online ordering company that sold into those accounts. They still have the relationships but sold a different product.

Step 3: Connect with Potential Recruits:

Once you have a list, use platforms like LinkedIn's Sales Navigator to reach out. Always send personalized notes highlighting genuine appreciation for their track record. A well-researched connection request can be the difference to getting their attention or not. Once you’re connected, set up an intro cal with them.

Step 4: Sell Your Vision:

During initial discussions, sell them on your company's vision and the unparalleled opportunity you're offering. Get them excited about what you’re doing and the huge potential. You want to emphasize the entrepreneurial nature of the role and the chance to lead their own business unit through a rev-share agreement.

Step 5: Start with a Contractor Role:

Even though we’ve done our homework let’s mitigate our risk by seeing what they can bring in before we hit them full time. So that's why we want to start them off as a contractor. This trial phase allows them to prove their worth by actually landing a deal or two for your business. It also gives you a chance to evaluate their fit with the team and culture. It also save you a ton of money compared to fronting a huge salary if they can’t bring you any business. And if they don’t want to do it for a large commission and huge shot to build something with you they aren’t the right fit anyway and find someone else.

Step 6: Move to Full-time:

If they demonstrate their ability to drive sales for your business, transition them into a full-time role, like VP of Sales, CRO, or Director of Sales, complete with the promised high compensation and revenue share. Then have them build systems so they can replicate themselves with new reps to really explode the growth. If you can recruit sales leaders with established industry relationships and offer them an entrepreneurial incentive structure, you can potentially unlock unprecedented growth for your business. If you want more help with this I’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to implement this approach, you can get it for free by just clicking the link below and you’ll get instant access.

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