How To Sell Status in B2B Sales

Friday, December 08, 2023


Do you know what everyone really wants to buy, but few salespeople actually sell?

It's not just a product or a service—it's status.

It's selling how others will view you in a positive light.

This is the secret that can help you win big accounts.

In both our personal and professional lives, status plays a significant role.

It's about being perceived as more elite, more successful.

Think about it – the allure of social media followers, luxury cars, prestigious schools, and high-end fashion. It's not always rational, like spending $1000 on a designer shirt, but it's about the status it conveys.

Now, how does this translate to B2B sales?

In the corporate world, especially in large businesses, executives and department leaders are constantly seeking to enhance their departments.

They look for vendors who can align solutions with their goals – increasing revenue, enhancing customer loyalty, streamlining operations, you name it.

But what do these executives really want?

Beyond the obvious business goals, they seek recognition and praise from their leadership and peers. They want to elevate their status by being promoted.

Their status within the organization matters. Understanding this desire can be pivotal in how you present your solutions.

The reason why some companies struggle to sell is because the prospect has a fear of decreasing their status if the solution they buy doesn’t work.

Years ago, I realized this and came up with a strategy to protect my prospects' status by eliminating their perceived risk and building a bridge for them to increase their status.

With my last company Order Solutions I did this by offering a free pilot.

This small-scale trial allowed clients to experience a result without financial risk, which elevated their status within the company.

Imagine this since applying our solution they’re getting great job, amazing find, from colleagues and, maybe even a congratulatory call from their CEO.

This strategy isn't just about winning a single deal. It's about setting a new standard. While your competitors are left wondering why they're losing out, you're consistently elevating your clients' status, winning deals, and building long-term relationships.

In each case, it’s not just about the product or service – it’s about how it elevates the client's status within their organization and industry.

So, think about your business. How can you frame your solutions not just as tools, but as status-enhancers?

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