How To Speed Up The Enterprise Sales Cycle Through The Winning POC

Friday, December 08, 2023

Do you want to land big accounts and speed up your sales cycle? In this video, I'll reveal the #1 secret that helped us land multi-million dollar per year accounts even as a new startup.

A few years ago I started a business called Order Solutions that was a call center to streamline phone orders for large chains. But in the early days it was hard to get customers. I didn’t have the track record or credibility that my competitors had. Out of frustration I had to get creative and figure out how I could convince these big companies to take a chance on my solution.

That’s when I came up with an idea to give my prospects a way to experience the dream result I was selling them and prove to them that they would get that result with virtually no risk, effort or sacrifice.

And the way I did that was by giving them a free POC. POC is proof of concept which is kind of like a free trial to get them a result before they paid.

So I decided to come up with a small pilot for them for us to handle phone orders for only 10 stores for 60 days and do it free of charge to prove that we could increase their revenue by outsourcing those calls to us.

This ended up working incredibly well and we increased our clients revenue by 40% for those 60 days and they were begging us to expand to hundreds of stores across the country.

So within a couple of months we expanded from 10 to 500 stores and that account paid us annually 2.5 million dollars per year for several years. We then replicated this over and over again with different clients and helped us scale extremely fast.

So do you see the power here? We would have never won the account if we hadn’t done this. They would have gone with more experienced competitors. It would have been perceived as less risk for them. But we flipped that on its head by offering them the free POC.

What You're here is that improving the concept in advance so that you build trust. You’re speeding up the sales cycle for them to try your product or service. You're eliminating the risk for the executive and the company. The truth is that most executives at big companies want to protect their job and find a pathway to promotion. What the executive who's your champion or influencer in the big company doesn't want is to pay for your pilot and it fails and they get fired for bringing you in.

But what they do want is to bring you in and if it does provide an ROI they get all of the praise, look great in front of the leadership team and get promoted. That's what we want and by offering a free PCO that's how You can help bridge that with this strategy.

So start thinking about the smallest way to prove your concept for a client and a way you can get them a result in advance of being paid so you can get them in the door and stand out from your competitors.

And If you’re a founder, CEO, or go to market leader consider testing this with your team an seeing how many net new accounts you win.

I hope it works for you as well as it worked for me. And if you want more insights on pricing and packaging your pilot offers, check out my playbook, "The Art of the Enterprise Sales". Click the link below or in my bio to get your free copy.

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