How to Spot and Snag A-Players for Your Team

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Do you know why some businesses grow while others go out of business? It’s not the product or service. It’s the people. As business owners we often feel like like were the only people really driving our companies forward and that we’re the smartest people in the room. I used to feel like that and it was crippling my growth. Before I share how you can find A players to recruit for your business. Let’s breakdown why it’s so challenging to get great talent. Number one. Job hopping. So many employees these day’s aren’t bought in to the company's mission and they job hop from one organization to another in search for a better opportunity. : Number two. Entrepreneurial Ambition: I love enterrpenerurs but entrepreneurs as employees are a ticking time bomb. Because eventureally they will want to leave you, take what they learned from you and often times want to compete against you Number three. Great interviewers terrible executrers. Some people as I’m sure you’ve experienced are great interviewers and then you hire them and it’s like there walking around blind without a cane. Now here is the criteria that I try to seek out and recommend for you as well. It’s to look for intrapreneurs. Intrapreneurs are kind of like entrepreneurs but they want to work inside of the company and have a ton of responsibility. They want to run and grow a business. They won’t leave you to start their own thing. So where do we find intrapreneurs? What I have found after spending millions of dollars hiring employees is that often time key hires aren’t in the market looking for a job. So that means we have to learn how to find them, recruit them, and enroll them into our mission and vision. So how do we do that without having to hire an expensive recruiter.

Step 1.) Identify the Role you wna to hire for.

Write out a detailed job description for yourself to get clear on the skills, experience, and qualifications your need.

Step 2.) Create Your First Round Draft Picks.

My recommendation is to look for experienced doers that have done the job you need in your industry before. You’re not just getting the skills you need but they also have the context of your industry. So make a list of the top competitors in your space who you feel like are bigger than you. List off your top 10-20 competitors either that are direct or indirect competitors who are serving your target customer.

Step 3.) Build a list of your draft picks in LinkedIn sales navigator.

Step 4.) Do a Personalized Reach out.

A lot of employees feel super under valued at their current job. So if the founder or CEO reaches out personally the response rate is really high. And I recommend saying a genuine compliment based on reading their profile.

Step 5: Tell them about the role you’re looking for and ideally position it for a level above their current role.

If you’re targeting people who have the skills you’re looking for in your industry and they’ve already done what you need this is a great tactic to creat a better opportunity to sell them and enroll them into your vision. Humans are always looking for a way to grow and this hits on that psychology. So those are 5 steps you can use right now to find A players and recruit them into your business. Now if you want to learn more about really how to recruit, hire, and retain A players then I want to give you a free resource. It’ s a cheatsheet that breaks this process down click by click. You can get it by clicking the link below or clicking the link in my bio and we will send it over to you.

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