How To Use & Find Ghostwriters To Help You Become A Thought Leader

Friday, December 08, 2023

Do you want to become a thought leader in your space but don’t have time to be constantly writing articles?

Nowadays its becoming important that founders and executives become thought leaders and share insights, relevant and useful information that positions themselves as an authority

But let’s be honest that sounds really time consuming right

As founders, executives, and business leaders we already have so much going on

In this video I wanted to share with you all of the ways you can do this without having to spend as much time on this

Step 1: Block out 90 minutes per week. This is where you think about topics that can handle potential clients' objections. This is where you think about pain points, problems or topics around the role

that cares about your solution. You think back to prior sales calls or customer engagements where the client had that aha moment and you remember what they learned to push them over the edge.

Step 2: Write down in a Google Doc your thoughts and recommendations on one topic that your clients or potential clients would have found helpful. This is kind of like a brain dump on each topic.

Step 3: Use ChatGTP to help format, proofread, and improve your writing but telling it to keep your voice

Step 4: Go to and post a job for a ghostwriter for $8-$15 per hour

Step 5: Pick a freelancer with a high job success score and pro tip Make sure they can also format your blog professionally

Step 6: Hire them them and give them access to your website to post blog posts

Do a test project and see how they are where they use your voice and improve what you wrote

Step 7: Have them post on your social channels as you on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc

Step 8: Let them start writing their own articles from start to finish but with your approval first

This can only happen once they’ve written and proofread what you’ve written 5-10 of your articles because they will most likely have to learn about your solution and industry.

If you want to learn step by step how to hire and train a virtual assistant or freelancer I cover it in my new book Your B2B Lead Machine. You can get free instant access just click the link below or the link in my bio.

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