How to Use Google Trends and Ads to Figure Out Positioning

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Is your marketing message meeting customers where they are?

This is a huge problem I see most companies make. Most companies try to speak in what’s called techno babble which is like that language that only an insiders know about but when your prospecting and selling you don’t want to sell to meet them to where they are meaning use language that people understand.

I’ve found that people buy when they feel understood, not when they understand you. So let me tell you a quick story on how I figured this out. My last company was a call center company called Order Solutions and I found this untapped niche where we could take all of the phone orders for large restaurant chains and charge them $2 on every order we placed. Now in the beginning when I started the company people weren’t buying right away and I felt so frustrated and confused. I was like I have a great offer why are they responding to my marketing materials. They’re not clicking on my google ads or responding to my cold emails. Then one day I decided to look onto something called the Google Keyword planner. Which is a free tool that tell you the search volume of different key words. And up into this point I had been describing ourselves as an on-demand call center for restaurants or a virtual call center for restaurants, or off premise call center for restaurants. And then I noticed that there was a ton of search volume literally 10 times the amount of the other keywords that were quote on quote techno bable and every one was searching for restaurant call center. Super simple. None of the other fluff. So then I changed all of our marketing material to position us as the #1 restaurant call center solution and leads started flooding inbound and our response rates skyrocketed on our outbound prospecting. That little tweak made a huge difference. So my question to you is have you really researched your market to figure out how your clients speak and call your solution? Is it matching up.

If not here’s what you can do. Step 1 go to the Google Keyword planner Step 2 type in different ways you could describe your offer. Step 3 Open up a google doc and track which keywords get the most search volume on a monthly basis. Step 4: Test changing your marketing materials and marketing messages to use that keyword in it.

And if you want more help with this I have a free cheat sheet you can if you click the link below or click on the link in my bio.

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