How To Use Video Prospecting On LinkedIn

Friday, December 08, 2023

Are you struggling to set up meetings and build a pipeline of leads?

In this video I’m going to show you the new way to prospect and stand out from your competitors, book meetings week over week with prospects, and and grab the attention of our target market.

This is perfect for any B2B founder, business owners, go to market leader, or sales development rep.

I actually learned this strategy that I learned from one of the top sales reps from UI Path Sergei Alievsky who’s brought in millions and millions of dollars in revenue is by using this cold video prospecting technique on LinkedIn. He’s a master of this.

I love this strategy because in a world of AI, automation, and noise you can’t automate video messaging so the prospects perceive it as highly personalized and it stands out and gets higher response rates Also most people are scared to get on camera and expose themselves so by doing this it helps you stand out land more meetings, which in turn builds your pipeline which ultimately leads to you growing your revenue faster

So here’s how to do it

Step 1: Decide on Your target market

Are we targeting a specific vertical or a specific account?

Which role or job title are we targeting

How many employees seize . How much revenue do they have. Where are they based are we going after US market, Europe, Asia, etc

Step 2: Tailor your message to the role and industry

Meaning the way you stand out is you speak the prospects language

So you use words and phrases that you’re an expert and that you understand them

It helps build trust and increase their curiosity level

So there are certain things that are going to get a CFO’s attention more thean a VP of Operations or VP of Sales

One might care about increasing revenue, one might care about saving money on labor, one might care about streamlining operational processes

You have to tailor your message to the executive

You should have a short 20 second elevator pitch for that job title and that industry that you can say over and over again. Next
Step 3: Build Your Prospecting List

Decide which accounts you want to go after

Go into LinkedIn sales navigator and click the leads button and build a list with the targeting

Revenue range, job title, vertical, geography

Then save the leads to your list

By the way a pro tip you can outsource this to a virtual assistant offshore to be more productive and save time

Step 4: Come up with a personalized note to connect

I like to use compliments in my personalized notes based on what i can see on their linkedin profile

That way it stands out and as the book How To Win Friends and Influece People says people love compliments

Then you should connect with 30-60% of the people should accept your connection request

Step 5: and send 100 connection requests per day

Step 6: Get your phone out and record the video

Shoot a 60 minute video where it’s custom for the prospect and you explain the problem you solve, who’ve you helped like them, and ask when a good time to have a call would be

Step 7: Follow Up

A week later send a new video hitting on a different hook or point of value.

Step : Rinse & Repeat With New Prospects

Now there is a lot more to it that I cover in my new book The Art of the Enterprise Sale which you can get free just click the link below or the link in my bio to get free instant access

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