How To Vet Out Potential Hires

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Do you ever feel like hiring the right person for your business is impossible?

In my last company Order Solutions we scaled from 0-200 employees in just a couple of years and trust me we made a ton of hiring mistakes. So I want to share with you 6 strategies that I wish I knew before I started hiring so many people and hopefully it will save you a ton of money, a ton of time, and help you scale your business way faster without the painful headaches.

Always test a potential hire with a test project. Sometimes people interview really well but then once you hire them you realize you got fooled and they actually weren’t as skilled as you thought. So my recommendation is to make them a contractor first and do a test project to really test out there skillset and see how they work with your team.

Have your leadership team also interview them to see if they think they align with your culture, mission, and values.

In the interview process share real time challenges that are actually happening in you’re business right now and see what value they bring. See if they have any good ideas.

Ask them what the last book or training program they went through to improve on their skillset. It’s so important that you’re team is passionate about what they do and always are investing in themselves to get better. When people stop learning about new strategies and tools their skillset often becomes outdated. If you see that they are constantly learning and applying new strategies, technologies, and tools to their craft that shows that they will bring a huge amount of value to your organization.

If they will work for a lower salary but an overall higher comp by implementing a bonus structure. So many people are just looking for a paycheck but deep down have no incentive whether the business grows, increases profit, or increases customer satisfaction.

Each role is different and you can set a bonus structure in place that will incentivize them financially to help you as the business owner, founder, or leader actually move the needle and hit your goals. If they all just ant a high salary and no bonus that aligns with your goals it’s probably a pass. And last one. This a big one. And a lot of people don’t do this.

Always ask and check with references. There are hidden things that you wouldn’t expect about new hires. Maybe they drink too much.

Maybe they complain. Mauve they are mean to other employees. Call their references and really get information on their work styles, personality, etc. You’ll be shocked by what you find out sometimes.

These 6 strategies can be gold for your business and help you avoid massive amount of pain and roadblocks that will stop you hitting your goals. I believe these 6 steps can save you a ton of money on midshires as well help you bring in A players that can really help take your business to the next level. Now obviously theres a lot more too it than this so if you want to learn more and grab a resource that really summaries this. I have a free cheat sheet that breaks this process down. All you have to do link below or click the link in my bio and you can grab it for free.

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