The Power of Founder-Led Enterprise Sales

Saturday, December 09, 2023

If I had to say the one thing that allowed my company Order Solutions to scale to millions of dollars in revenue I would attribute to one skill. And I call it Founder-Led Enterprise Sales. But its not just me I’ve seen Daniel Dines and Alexandr Wang who are both B2B founders use it to become billionaires.

Bridge: So, how can you start leveraging the power of Founder-Led Enterprise Sales?

Action Steps:

Step 1. Spend time selling:

Prospect and try to close. It’s vital so you can understand how customers think. Learn their desires and needs. This specialized knowledge will be used for all of your go to market materials later on.

Step 2.Listen more than you speak:

Try to pick up on their objections and the language they use. It’s so important to learn to speak your clients language. This will help you figure out what to put into your presentations.

Step 3.Figure out who the buyers are:

You need to see who gets excited about your offer. What role is consistently becoming a champion for you

Step 4.Train Your Salespeople:

Once you've figured it out and your both generating leads and closing leads. It’s time to scale up by teaching them your specialized knowledge to sell and replicate your results.

Step 5.Stay Customer-Centric:

Still get on calls even after you have a sales team. Especially if they are big deals.

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