When To Craft A Sales Led GTM Strategies

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Are you a startup founder trying to figure out the right GTM strategy?

Eventually your busines needs to have a product, marketing, and sales go to market strategy but in the early days it can be tought to be good at all 3.

If you’re a founder and you’re good at product you might want to consider a product-led go to market strategy. If you’re a founder and good at marketing you might want an inbound-led go to market strategy. Or if you’re a founder and you’re good at sales do a sales led go to market strategy.

Here’s some steps you can use to figure out the best GTM strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Personality:

Ask yourself: Are you inclined towards networking and direct selling, or do you thrive on creating content that educates the market about the problems you solve? Consider whether you enjoy producing webinars, slide decks, eBooks, and similar content. If face-to-face or direct communication isn't your forte, a product-led or marketing-led GTM might be more up your alley.

Step 2: Skill Assessment:

Beyond preferences, evaluate your capabilities. Are you more adept at sales or marketing? It's essential to align your strategy with not only what you like but also where you excel.

Step 3: Sales-led GTM Strategy:

This approach depends on direct outreach: cold calls, emails, and LinkedIn messaging. If this resonates with your extroverted nature, especially in the early stages, embrace it. Engage firsthand in prospecting, refine your messaging, and manage demos or sales calls. Remember, as the founder, you bring a unique charisma, especially when engaging with big enterprise clients.

Step 4: Dive Deep as a Founder:

Here's why it's crucial for you, as a founder, to be hands-on in the initial stages: Understanding and driving your go-to-market strategy helps you delve deeper into your customers' needs. By being directly involved, you'll gain insights into their desires, challenges, and expectations. This firsthand knowledge not only allows you to adapt and refine your offerings but also ensures your business is in tune with your target audience.

Choosing a GTM strategy shouldn't be a mere toss-up. It should stem from your intrinsic strengths, skills, and preferences as a founder. And for those seeking deeper insights into these strategies, I've got the perfect resource for you. Access our comprehensive cheat sheet [link], and let your innate strengths shape your startup's path.

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