Why Empathy & Customer Understanding Is The Key To Sales

Saturday, December 09, 2023

What’s the difference between salespeople that are rainmakers and the salespeople who really struggle?

You might be thinking they know how to close, have some insane tonality, or have a better product but it’s not.

It’s none of that.

It’s actually because they care about their customers.

They don’t focus on closing and instead focus on understanding and empathizing with their prospects.

This is something that you should always remember.

People only buy when they feel understood, not when they understand you.

It's about stepping into our clients' shoes and seeing their challenges through their eyes.

To truly understand our customers, we needed to go beyond surface-level interactions.

This means you need to ask the right questions, and listen closely to their pain points and what their desires are.

Each client is going to have different pain points, challenges, desires and goals

Once you have enough knowledge from asking questions you can tailor your offerings precisely.

It’s not about just tweaking your product or service ; it is about aligning your solutions with the customer's desires.

The person who can align their solutions to the prospects' pain points and position their solution as a bridge to getting their goal…wins.

When your customers feel understood by you they will not just see you as another vendor but as a partner invested in their success.

You will be shocked how many referrals and case studies you will get if you just go the extra mile and help them with the things that are creating friction from getting started.

To win in today’s economy emphasis and take the time to understand your customers. Put yourself in their shoes.

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