Why You Should Create A Insane Guarantee For Your Offer

Friday, December 08, 2023

Do you know how to win more clients without actually having to get better at sales?

The answer is simple. You just have to make an offer so good that it’s hard for clients to say no.

But how do you make your offer better? Here’s the one thing you can use right now to make your offer way more valuable: You create an insane guarantee that reduces your clients' perceived risk.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, prospects are always worried about risk. In your prospects' heads, they think, 'What if it doesn’t work?', 'What if I don’t get the results I’m promised?' And they’re right to worry, given there are many salespeople who push products or services that don’t deliver.

But here’s the good news: those who don’t care about their customers don’t last. They get bad reviews, customers churn, and they are wiped out. You can beat them by simply making a better offer that shows you actually care. You don’t want their money if you can’t deliver the results. The most powerful tool in your arsenal is empathy – truly caring about your customers and putting their needs first.

We live in a world where information spreads fast, and this can be good or bad for us. If we take care of our customers and get them results, referrals will come quickly, leading to viral growth. Your cost to acquire customers will drop massively, and profit margins will reach an all-time high.

Let's talk about the types of guarantees you can offer:

Trial Guarantee: Where clients pay for your service and can get their money back if unsatisfied.

Action-Based Guarantee: Where you promise a refund if clients take specific actions but don’t see results.

Performance Guarantee: Like a rev-share, where you say, 'If you don’t get paid, I don’t get paid.'

Combining Guarantees: You can amplify these guarantees by combining them. For instance, 'Increase your order size by 10% in 60 days, 15% in 90 days, as long as you follow these actions.'

Remember, the whole point is to get clients in the door. Even if your guarantee leads to more refunds, a massive influx of new customers will reduce your customer acquisition cost. Then, you can upsell and cross-sell to these customers, driving your customer lifetime value.

When I founded Order Solutions, a call center for restaurants, I offered new clients a free 60-day trial. This bold guarantee allowed us to compete against bigger companies, skip the RFP process, and cut our sales cycle in half.

So, are you doing this in your business? How can you create a guarantee so compelling that clients feel silly saying no?

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