Why You Should Eliminate Clients Perceived Effort To Start

Friday, December 08, 2023

Do you know what the silent objection is on all of your prospect's minds in every B2B sales call?

It's the perceived effort they need to put in to get the outcome they’re looking for.

Even if you offer an exceptional service or product that produces a significant ROI, this obstacle still exist and your prospect will be wondering if they have the time or resources to but in the effort to get the outcome.

You see, you’re not just competing with other vendors. Your real competition is the priorities and initiatives within your prospects organization.

Understanding this challenge is key. Companies are often hesitant to take on new projects, fearing the drain on their resources and time. You’re not just selling a product or service; you're also asking them to align your solution with their priorities.

A common mistake in B2B sales is focusing solely on the sale, overlooking the implementation process. This oversight can be a deal-breaker. If you can master and minimize the perceived effort for the client, not only will you win more clients, but you will also significantly accelerate the sales cycle.

So, how do you achieve this? The answer lies in going the extra mile for your customers by tools, systems and processes that take the burden off your clients and reduce friction.

And believe it or not this becomes a differentiator for your business. By doing this you’re speeding up the time for them to experience a result or a business outcome.

Here's some examples to help you with this.

From my last company Order Solutions which was a restaurant call center company that had big customers like Denny’s, Outback, Firehouse Subs, Papa Murphy’s and TGI Fridays. Those clients had a lot going on and weren’t very familiar with the technical set up so we made it easier and removed the fraction by doing things for free like setting up their phone systems and coordinating with their service providers. This 'white glove' service removed barriers to entry, making it easy for them to start with us.

Another example of a marketing agency I worked with noticed that clients delayed campaigns due to content creation hurdles. They responded by providing content strategy and creation services, making it easier for clients to launch campaigns quickly.

In each of these cases, we identified and removed the barriers to onboarding. Our strategy didn’t just speed up sales; it transformed client relationships. We moved from being seen as vendors to becoming trusted partners. This shift is crucial for long-term success and client retention.

Now, think about your own business. What are the barriers your clients face when onboarding? Is it gathering necessary materials, understanding the product, or integrating it into their existing systems? Collaborate with your team to find innovative ways to alleviate these challenges.

This approach is more than just a sales tactic. It's about building lasting relationships based on trust and support. By reducing the effort on your client's part, you not only make their decision easier but also lay the foundation for a strong, ongoing partnership.

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