The Art Of The Enterprise Sale Playbook

Close Big Deals:
How to Sell to Industry Giants



Want to land deals with industry giants? Dive into strategies I've used to consistently close six and seven-figure deals. Discover the tactics that won partnerships with top-tier brands like Denny’s, Outback Steakhouse, and Famous Dave’s. This playbook isn't just theory; it's proven, practical guidance. Whether you offer business services, software, or hardware, elevate your sales approach beyond typical B2B strategies. It's tailor-made for B2B founders, business owners, or executives in startups to medium-sized firms who are determined to resonate with and capture the biggest players in their industry.

And now, for the first time ever I’m sharing it publicly!

Build Credibility

Pinpoint your ideal customer with laser-like precision. Understand their needs, desires, and reasons to choose you.

Beat Your Competition

Learn how to de-position your competitors and position yourself as the only and best choice.

Unlock Confidence

Learn how to set negotiate with the executives and always get something in return of giving something.

Land & Expand Strategy

Learn how to speak the language of executives in your industry so they view you as a trusted advisor and consultant.


Feel certain that you know what to do every step of the sales process. From before your first sales call, to after, to the follow up. Have a complete playbook and system to close deals.

Authority Positioning

Become your clients trusted advisor by not just becoming a great salesperson but learn how to build a sales deck and material that makes them perceive you as an industry expert.

About Nick Tubis

Advisor To B2B Business Leaders

Nick Tubis is a serial entrepreneur known for his innovative go-to-market strategies and enterprise sales methods. He founded and scaled LiveVoice and Order Solutions, two major call center companies acquired in 2017 and 2023. While his trailblazing approaches have earned accolades from leading publications like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Fast Company, Nick's true passion lies in mentoring B2B founders, executives, and business leaders. He now teaches these unique go-to-market and sales strategies exclusively to those who want to... Become Market Leaders

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